Be Happy!

Be Happy!

Monday, August 8, 2011

NECF 40 days Prayer & Fast 2011

Its that season of the year again for Christians to fast & pray. NECF has launched the 40 days pray and fast 2011 beginning from the 7th August, 2011 and ending on the 16th September, 2011. The theme for this year is "Be the Agents of Change". Such a timely theme I shall say!

Who do I think of when it comes to being agents of change? Moses, standing up against Pharaoh comes to my mind. So is Queen Esther who had placed her own life in the line to prevent the total annihilation of her people. If it weren't for their act of bravery, Israel would not be where they are now. Moses & Esther gave their commitment to bring about liberation to their people, their nation. Even commitment to death!

I know fasting is difficult. But I also do know that fasting is necessary to bring about breakthrough, not only in one's personal life but also breakthrough in a nation. I am desperate to see my nation change. For good and not for evil. For true unity among the various race and religion. If Moses and Esther are willing to face whatever hurdles thrown at them for the liberation of their people, it is also time for me to do the same by joining in the fast and prayer for my nation. Dear God, let the prayers of Your saints, be like incense, like pillars at Your throne. Take delight in them & move Your Mighty Hand. Amen.

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ah^kam_koko' said...

I've always wanted to join this nationwide fast but have not been able to receive the information.
Thanks for the site.
Now I know who's organising it so I can tune in for next year & I guess I'll be a late participant this year.