Be Happy!

Be Happy!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Spur of the moment travel

Me, Carol & Eddie at Universal Studio, Singapore. We had fun! I still can't believe that I went on those rides. I love the Mummy Return ride. Its a roller coaster ride in the darkness. Oh the drop. Never fail to give me the chills. I did chicken out for the Cyclone ride though. That is where I draw the line. Sorry. I don't like upside down stuffs. Scary.

Price for entrance ticket is SGD68 per person. We can go on any rides for as many times as we want. No charges! Just that one off entrance ticket. On line purchase is also available & please do remember to print out your e-tickets. I find this so convenient especially in avoiding the queue for ticket purchase. Wow! I deserve credits from Universal Studio for my recommendations. Ah well! What is a good thing, ought to be shared for free.

The actual reason for my trip to Singapore in April 2011 was for The Script concert. I must watch them live! They're in my 'to do list'! Can't believe I did it...all by myself. I braved through the rain. My shoes got soiled by the mud. I was wet. But thank God, the weather got better when The Script was ready to perform. Danny O' Donoghue is uber cool! He went off stage, came down to the audience in the front to shake their hands. Such a brave act. For me...that's humility! Surprisingly, & deep down inside I'm relieved, that there were no crazy fans who may 'maul' him. Hehehe...When Danny announced that the show has come to an end, the audience were perplexed because they did not sing 'For the First Time'..I mean, come on! Its their first single to be released from their latest album Science & Faith. How can that be? I almost shed a tear. Turned out that it was a suspense from them. Wow! The guys from The Script has pulled a fast one..on the audience, on me.

Anyway, I was a happy girl that day. Though I got mud on my expensive shoes, & I went through the rain, it was worth it! My April trip was really an unplanned moment. Once in awhile, I have to get out of my ordinary momentum.

I praise God because He has made a way for me to go for this trip. I had free accommodation and my host was hospitable. I am also blessed with new friends from Singapore. & how can I forget my traveling buddy, Eddie. Everything was God plan, God sent. This is God giving me the desire of my heart. Thank You God!

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