Be Happy!

Be Happy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Sibu Trip

Last Friday, my family and I drove all the way to Sibu just to watch my brother's marching band performance. It took me 6 hours to get there, not including the stops that we had to make.

I'm quite amaze to find that Sibu has nice places and scenery. The waterfront overlooking the wide river. The padang merdeka..pretty clean with modern structural designs. I like the bridge too. Very long and the view from the top is breath taking.

As for the shopping, I am surprised that I found clothes that I really like. Thank God there were discounts of 50% due to the Gawai celebration. Oh sis bought a replica Vans shoes for RM39.90. In Kuching, the replica still cost around RM79+. Again...what a steal!

Of course I didn't only shop, I also eat, eat and eat some more. Sibu is a pork lover's food galore! My friend brought me to a family cafe at the outskirts of town, its just below the Tien's stockist..don't know the name..which is famous for its pork leg. Their style of preparing the leg is very different. Its deep fried so one must think that it may be too dry, burnt and tough. But no..the leg was moist and tender. The skin was not burnt but just cooked to perfection. And the price. just around RM30. Hah! Unbelievable..and word has it that this cafe is also famous for their crab dishes. Just RM15 per kilo. Another steal!

Another place which I recommend going for a cheap porky munch is the market at Market Street. I bought the roasted pig's head for RM15. Ridiculous right? I find the market quite ironic because on one end, the Chinese are selling their kom pia, their BBQ pork and at the other end, the Malays are selling their local kuihs, BBQ chickens and satay. Ironic..but don't get me wrong. I like this community. This is the way how Malaysians should live. Tolerance..

If ever I am ousted from Kuching, I think Sibu would be a place where I can live comfortably. For you Borneons out there, try driving to Sibu and have a look-see. I'm sure there's something that you'll like there. Viva la Sibu!


jingpengboy said...

I like sibu night market as it is truly OneSarawak! =) How I wish the whole Malaysia can learn from this.

How's the pig's head? I have never tried it but I heard dayaks like them.

Jezzy said...

The pig's head is yummy! We dayaks love roasted pig heads.