Be Happy!

Be Happy!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My ex-Yakuza!

Hi guys! Just to share. When God gave TCC the opening to lead the youths from Sentral College, I had this crazy idea or wish that if only we could have the ex-Yakuza come to the college & inspire them to live for Christ & that lifestyle change is possible through the power of Jesus. & lo & behold! God answered my desire & I believe that the idea was not my own, but it was God led.

So how did I manage to get P. Inoue, this ex-Yakuza turned Christian to come to Kuching? Well, I thank God for divine connections! I have Khoo Kar Leong to thank for because he is the man who made this happen. I got the idea in March 2010. When Kar Leong came from Singapore to Kuching, sometime in June/July this year, I conveyed him the idea & he is the one who made the connection with P. Inoue. I love this family of God. Its amazing that when we get deeply rooted into the Family of God, things can happen. Halleluyah!

Although P. Inoue's message is about his testimony & on salvation, which may not be new to me, nevertheless, I was blessed. I am touched by his passion for Christ & his love for young people. Especially young men & those men who has hard hearts (the addicts, the prisoners). This man hugs the guys from the college & also they guys who came to last night's event. Everytime when he does that, I sense God's Presence. Its like God hugging these guys. As I write this, I can't help but feel emotional. Huhuhu..

Seeing P. Inoue, there's this voice within me saying that, hey, we have one life to live. Lets make the best out of it, not for our own pleasure, but for God's pleasure. & who says that living for Christ is not an enjoyable or happy life. Look at Inoue! He is all smile & joy. He is enjoying his life & he no longer has that desire to kill himself.

& oh yes..God is great & He is a Big God. Nothing is too difficult for Him. I may not come from a big church, I may be not know everything in the Bible. But when we make ourselves available for Him, we can make a difference to our surroundings. God bless!


ah^kam_koko' said...

It was truly a great blessing for you to bring Inoue to Kuching!
Too bad I couldn't attend!

Jezzy said...

Yes, it was. In fact, he is a blessing to the folks of Kuching. This wouldn't be the last of assured. He may be asked to minister again, not in Kuching but in West Malaysia. Hahaha..